Dorffest Kurnach 2019

In 2019, we were invited to perform in Germany as part of Dorffest Kurnach 2019

The Cavan Town Branch of Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Eireann was invited by the Mayor of Kurnach ,Germany Thomas Eberth to come to perform at their festival in July 2019 following a performance in Ramor Theatre, Virginia in August 2018. We accepted his invitation with gratitude and delight. Thanks to the sponsorship of Univet, The Backyard Culture Centre, the assistance of Cavan Co. Council, and after some fundraising we realised it was possible. There followed months of preparation and with two hours of entertainment ready for performance we made our travel plans.

It was with great excitement that we all boarded the place for Frankfurt July 2019. Sixty one of our group went on the first day with others to follow later. All eighty one of our group were treated like royalty for the five days we were there. Thomas, Suzanne, Colette, Mattius and countless others worked so hard to make our stay so comfortable and most of all FUN. We made life-long friends during those hot sunny days in Bavaria and we created the most amazing memories which we will cherish forever.

We performed every day and sometimes twice a day sharing our culture and learning the culture of our Bavarian friends. We learned their language, dance, song and history. We taught them Gaelic football and sang Irish songs. We ate fabulous food and drank far too much of their local beverages!!The highlights are too many to mention and each person would probably have a different one. One of out highlights was the final performance at the Dorffest to an audience of over 2500. The interest in our music song and dance, the eagerness of the group to showcase our wonderful heritage and the pride we felt in our fellow country men and women on that day will remain with us for the rest of our lives. The abundance of talent on the stage and the can-do attitude of the parents and guardians were second to none and we take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their enthusiasm and dedication.

It is a debt we will probably never be able to repay in full, but we will make every effort beginning with next August (2020) when our friends will come to our home-place. Mc Intyres doesn’t have enough red carpet to fulfil the welcome we will have for them!! Some of our members who produce lovely cakes every Sunday for the Ceoltoiríní sessions will be busy in the weeks before. We will be ready and we cannot wait to meet all our friends again. Roll on August 2020!!!

At Dublin Airport ready for departure

At Dublin Airport ready for departure

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The Conductor

The Conductor

img_2539 img_2530 img_2536img_2531 img_2520 img_2519 img_2456Organisers

img_2536Flying High

Group performanceDaire Smith performing

img_2537 img_2538 img_2533

Our wonderful young dancers


Thomas Ebert - Mayor Kurnach with his specially commissioned Cavan Bodhrán

Thomas Ebert – Mayor Kurnach with his specially commissioned Cavan Bodhrán

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