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It is estimated that Ed Reavy wrote between 400 and 500 tunes, of which 127 have been preserved in notational form. Dr. Mick Moloney, has said of Ed Reavy in his introduction to The Collected Compositions of Ed Reavy: “No composer of traditional dance tunes in the history of Irish music has ever had his music adopted and played as widely as Ed. He devoted much of his life to the creation of a vast body of compelling, finely crafted tunes leaving an indelible imprint on the beautiful old tradition that was his first love”. His compositions include such favourites as “In Memory of Coleman”, named for the inspirational Sligo fiddler, “The Hunters House”, “Maudabawn Chapel” named after the church where Ed spent his childhood in Cavan and chosen by Bronx born fiddle player Eileen Ivers as one of her tunes when she successfully won the All Ireland Senior Fiddle Championship in 1984, “The Lone Bush”, a hornpipe written about a remarkably resilient shrub which stood outside his childhood home—this composition was chosen by Chicago born All Ireland Senior Fiddle titlist, Liz Carroll, when she won the Junior Championship in 1974.

There are 2 books available to order online from Coleman Irish Music Centre, Gurteen, Co. Sligo:

collected-compositions-of-ed-reavy       the-ed-reavy-collection

Notes for a Selection of Popular Tunes:

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  1. Aughamore Reel
  2. Both Meat and Dhrink
  3. Brian Quinns
  4. Eleanor Kanes
  5. Fisherman’s Island Reel
  6. High Hill
  7. Highest Hill in Sligo
  8. House of Hamill
  9. In Memory of Coleman
  10. Lad O’Beirnes Hornpipe
  11. Love at The Endings
  12. Lovely Lough Sheelin Barndance
  13. Maudabawn Chapel
  14. Quinn of Armagh – Hornpipe
  15. Sean Quinns Hornpipe
  16. Starry Lane to Monaghan
  17. Swallows Nest
  18. Swans Among The Rushes
  19. Tales of Barnagrove
  20. The Ceilier Reel
  21. The Crossroads Dance
  22. The Cuilcagh Mountains Reel
  23. The Dances of Kinvara Barndance
  24. The Girl from Killinkere
  25. The Letterkenny Blacksmith
  26. The Man from Barnagrove Hornpipe
  27. The Neale
  28. The Showmakers Daughter Reel
  29. The Streetplayer
  30. The Whistler of Roslea

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