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Listed here are the tunes currently being played in the Cavan Town Branch Youth Session. If you point the cursor at “Foinn/Tunes you will find there is a drop down menu, listing 4 different levels of tunes. There are the Level 1 Beginners and when the musician can play these tunes, with confidence, solo, then they can move onto Level 2. Level 3 tunes includes advanced jigs, hornpipes, flings and barn dances and Level 4 includes reels.

If you are just starting to play it is a good idea to find a teacher to get yourself started. Don’t be put off by the long list of tunes. Some of the members have been attending the sessions for over a year maybe two. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you play your instrument every day you will be very pleasantly surprised at how quickly your collection of tunes will grow.

Come into the sessions even if you think you don’t have enough tunes. Listening to the tunes is the first step to learning. Bring along your instrument and get to know everyone. Most of all enjoy your music!

Some Tunes to get you started!

Loch Lomand      click for notes      Loch Lomand

The Rowan Tree      click for notes      The Rowan Tree

The Galway Girl      click for notes      Galway Girl

The Dusty Windowsill      click for notes      The Dusty Windowsill

Williams March      click for notes      Williams March

Lillibullero G major aka The Protestant Boys    click for notes      Lillibullero

March to the King of Laois click for notes      March to the King of Laois

Clann na hÉireann click for notes Clann na hEireann

Geoghegans’ reel     click for notes   Geoghegan’s reel

Six penny money   click for notes   Six penny money

The Scotman over the border    click for notes  The Scotsman over the border

The Silvern Spear    click for notes  The Silver Spear

Na Ceannabhain Bhana    click for notes  Na Ceannabhain Bhana

Irish Washerwoman    click for notes  Irish washerwoman

McKenna’s Polka    click for notes  McKenna’s polka

Green Grow the Rushes O   click for notes  Green grow the rushes O

The Maid behind the bar    click for notes  The maid behind the bar – reel

The Longkesh Jig    click for notes  The Longkesh jig

The Munster Bacon    click for notes  Munster Bacon – jig

The Road to Ballymac    click for notes The Road to Ballymac

McGovern’s Reel    click for notes  McGovern’s Reel

The Teetotaller    click for notes  The Teetotaller

Mossy Banks    click for notes  Mossy Banks

Wicklow Hornpipe      click for notes  Wicklow hornpipe

The Rooms of Dooagh      click for notes  The rooms of Dooagh

Some say the Devil is dead      click for notes  Some say the devil is dead

Tonroe’s jig       click for notes     Tonroe’s Jig

Trip to Athlone       click for notes     Trip to Athlone

Grogan’s      click for notes    Grogan’s

New Policeman      click for notes      New Policeman

The Cat’s Meow      click for notes    Cats Meow

Gan Ainm      click for notes      Gan Ainm

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