Margaret Webber – Gradam Breifne Award

Margaret started Irish dancing at a young age and went to Honey Gauthier Irish dancing classes in Cavan in her early childhood. Her talent of dancing was very evident from an early start as she won many competitions around the country. In her early twenties Margaret moved to Bristol where she worked in Frys as a secetary and it was there that she met her husband Brian. In 1973 Margaret travelled to Dublin to complete her Irish dancing teacher’s exam with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha and passed successfully. Margaret has been a member with that dancing board for 47years and continues to be an active member. In 1975 Margaret and Brian and their two daughters moved back to Cavan and dancing classes commenced all around the county of Cavan. Margaret has been teaching dancing for 47 years with many of her pupils winning various Ulster and All Ireland titles. All her pupils have over the years participated in Scór, Fleadh and various Feiseanna competitions but with Margaret it’s not all about competition it’s about fun and the creation of lifelong friendships. Her pupils have always been active in the community and caring of others and would be seen regularly dancing at old people’s parties, dancing for the wheelchair association at many of their events, participating in the St Patrick’s Day parade etc. Margaret has always treated ever child the same. Many a child that she has taught she has also taught their parents aunts and uncles. Margaret has shared a great love of dancing with many children including her own children and now her daughter Alison is following in her footsteps as an Irish dancing teacher with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha. Both my sister also danced for many years.

Margaret is a truly fantastic women, an amazing dancing teacher and has instilled a great love of the tradition with each and everyone of her pupils over the past 47 years of dedicated service to the greater Breifne region. We thank her for her dedication and wish her many more years of enjoyment through dancing.

Margaret Webber being presented with her Gradam Breifne Award by Bríd Flynn

Margaret Webber being presented with her Gradam Breifne Award by Bríd Flynn

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