Level 3 Tunes

This level will cover advanced jigs , Hornpipes ,flings  and Barndances


John’s Jig notes      click here for notes    John’s jig

The Dusty Windowsill       click here for notes      The Dusty Windowsill

Hammy Hamiltons notes   click here for notes   Hammy Hamilton

Sackow’s Jig notes      click here for notes     Sakows jig
Listen to Sackow’s jig

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The Roaring Barmaid      click here for notes   Roarin’ Barmaid

Gallagher’s Frolic notes      click here for notes     Gallagher’s Frolics

Shannon Breeze notes      click here for notes    The Shannon Breeze

The maid in the meadow      click here for notes      The Maid in the Meadow

Tatter Jack Walsh      click here for notes      Tatter Jack Walsh

The Eavesdropper jig      click here for notes      The Eavesdropper Jig

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